"Sié Sié" /  / means "Thank you" in chinese...

"" is built of:
- "": word / speech
- "": body
- "": small quantity

These are the three conditions to thanks for Chinese, I adopt it as a definition. Like this, I thanks in this virtual body all those who from near or punctually supported, encouraged and even freely worked to this project.


Institutional support:

Drac, Mr Bernard Goy,

Polart, Monika,and  Natalia Kabiesk investement.

Ars Cameralis,

La ville de Strasbourg, Mme Gabrielle Kwiatkovski

 La région Alsace

CEEAC international, Mme Elodie Galina



Despite their unconditional participation and their patience without border, I didn't lose yet their friendship:

-First help to this exuberant utopia, kindly ears and contructiv critics:

Laetitia Jacquemin

Patrice Braun


-Word correction, virulent critic but discerning:

Anne Wicky


-Shooting of Strasbourg map, but also for her appropriation and walk though my work:

Nathalie Dohlen, photographe plasticienne


-Book-mark text:



-Luxury graphic design of the book-mark:

Blas Alonzo


-Test on unwilling public, defeated and responsible in the translation to English of the partner file:

Jean-Philippe Werner


- People meet in Poland, as important for the project content as for their presence around a good table:


Marta librairie Slaska

Mietek, cameraman




-Web site and views on this virtual world:

Anne Basaille, webdesigner

Hélène B., webmaster


-About Budapest details, their heartening or their presence during doubt periods:

Andrea Witzmann


Andrea ,  Irok Boltja book-store

Bruno Bourel, french photografer living in Budapest for many years

 Zsófia Karetka, translator from French to Hungarian of Budapest book-mark


-For the translation of this web-site in English:

Jean-Pierre Caradec

Yann Caradec who type the text, what is not as easy as it seems